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Selling your home can be an overwhelming project! There are many questions to consider: How much is my home worth? What repairs should I make before I list my home? What details am I required to disclose? What paperwork is required? This list goes on and on…

With the information available on the Internet today, you should also realize that buyers are more informed than ever before. That’s why you will benefit from having a real estate agent working with you to sell your home.

Real estate agents have the experience and background to answer your questions, handle the details, and get you the best price for your home in the current market. So when you decide it’s time to sell, choose a trusted real estate firm like Kennedy Real Estate.

You should also follow these helpful tips to make sure you and your home are ready for this significant transaction:

  • • Identify your selling goals: Do you want the highest price you can get? Are you looking for a fast sale? These and several other factors will determine your selling price. Although you set the price, the value of the home is determined by the buyer. Working with an agent who understands the current market can help you set the best price to meet your goals.
  • • Have a plan. Learn how your agent will market your house and find out how you can help. You’ll need to use a number of strategies to communicate to all potential buyers, including newspaper listings, signs, sales sheets, and the Internet.
  • • Understand that real estate is local. You might have to adjust your expectations according to the current market trends in your community. Your real estate agent will know what's selling, what isn't selling, and why.
  • • Clean and organize. Buyers are looking for a new place to call home, so make sure they feel comfortable and at ease when they walk in the door. Remove clutter, organize closets, and give every room a thorough cleaning, including the walls, windows, and carpets.
  • • Fix and repair. If you’ve been “making-do” or ignoring small hardware issues, now is the time to fix them. Replace missing or broken cabinet hardware, light fixtures that don’t work, or leaking faucets. Touch up painted areas that are scratched or faded. Give your house that “polished” look so potential buyers can see your home in the best light.
  • • Create the environment. Let the buyers see how they would might make this house their own. Remove distractions, such as knick knacks and magazine piles, and present your home as a comfortable and attractive place to live. Set the thermostat at a comfortable temperature, let in natural light from the windows.